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Task C: All up - Last down

  • 3 flights will be flown in total in this task.
  • No working time is necessary.
  • All competitors of a group must launch their model gliders simultaneously, within 3 seconds of the acoustic signal. The maximum measured flight time is 240 seconds.
  • Launching a model glider before or more than 3 seconds after the start of the acoustic signal will result in a zero score for the flight.
  • After 4 minutes the competitor will have 15 seconds to land. Landing after these 15 seconds will render the flight invalid.
  • The flight time starts at launch, meaning the moment the plane is released from the helper or pilots hands, not at the start of the acoustic signal.
  • The flight time stops at landing or at the acoustic signal, even if the pilot is still flying.
  • The preparation time for the next task after the 15 second landing window is 15 seconds.
  • The score is the accumulation of the flight times of the three flights, adjusted for penalties and bonuses for launch height and landing in the pilot area.
  • No helper is allowed in the field during flying.
  • However, the helper may launch the plane.
    • If the helper launches the plane, the competitor stands at the upwind edge of the flying field during launch.
    • Directly after launch the helper leaves the field on the downwind side of the flying field
    • The competitor then enters his pilot area
    • No communication is allowed, except for safety reasons

Example Task A, NLH = 60 mtr
(For Launch bonus/penalty point explanation go to next link)

NLH - Nominal Launch Height table


First Flight                  :

Start height 55 meter: 5 points launch bonus
Time: 2 minutes and 50 seconds = 170 points

General penalty: no penalty

Subtotal first flight: 170 + 5 = 175 points

Second flight              :

Start height 50 meter: 20 points launch bonus
Time: 4 minutes and 0 seconds = 240 points

General penalty: Landing out of Pilots Area = 10 points penalty

Subtotal second flight: 240 + 20 – 10 = 250 points

Third flight                  :

Start height 65 meter: 5 points launch penalty
Time: 3 minutes and 45 seconds = 225 points

General penalty: Landing out of Pilots Area = 10 points penalty

Subtotal third flight: 225 – 5 – 10 = 210 points

End result Task C

All Up – Last down: 175 + 250 + 210 = 635 points. If the maximum points scored in this group is 660 points, after normalising the score for this competitor in this task is 635/660*100.0% = 96.2%.

Author: Brian van der Gouw