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F5K – Contest Format

F5K to the CIAM

This year (2019) I have been very busy designing the F5k competition format. A survey was conducted and the 4 most popular tasks were chosen from it. A new task has also been created.

In cooperation with Aerobtec I have developed special F5K software to capture multiple launches and control both motortime and maximum altitude. With help from JustFlySolutions we were able to have the very first F5K contest “The Losser Open”.

Now, 15 November, I am very proud to announce that F5K will be an official FAI class. The format with all rules have been send to the CIAM. Many pilots from all over the world are interested in organizing a F5K in 2020. What a result!

You can download the FAI F5K CIAM format below.

Update 13-4-2020:

Some minor issues were found in the FAI F5K CIAM format uploaded on November 15, 2019.

I have summarized the changes in the “Change Control file” and it can be downloaded below. There were some contradictions in the rules and these have been corrected. No fundamental changes are made. The update is being implemented in the new F5k version of Gliderscore, which is still under development.

Author: Brian van der Gouw