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Task E: Poker

  • Each competitor has a maximum of three of flights to achieve or exceed up to three target times.
  • Working time is 10 minutes.
  • Before the first launch of a new target, each competitor announces a target time to the official timekeeper.
  • He can then launch to try and reach or exceed this target time, if his total number of flights up till then is lower than three.
  • If the target is reached or exceeded, then the target time is credited and the competitor can announce the next target time, which may be lower, equal or higher, before he releases the model glider during the launch.
  • If the target time is not reached, the announced target flight time cannot be changed.
  • The pilot may try to reach the announced target flight time until the end of the working time, or he has reached his total of three flights within the task.
  • For the pilots last flight he may announce “end of working time”. For this specific call, the pilot has ONLY one attempt.
  • The target time must be announced clearly in the official contest language or alternatively shown to the timekeeper in written numbers (e g 2:38) by the pilot’s helper immediately after the launch.
  • If the pilot calls “end of working time” the pilot’s helper writes the letter “W”.
  • The pilot can call “all in” for his first flight, target and maximum result is 9.59 minute.
  • The target(s) (1 – 3) with achieved target times are scored, adjusted for penalties and bonuses for launch height and landing in the pilot area.
  • The maximum flight time is 9.50 minutes, in case the pilot launches 3 times
    There will be a start penalty in case a pilot needs more than 1 start
  • First start : zero points (no penalty)
  • Second start : start penalty is 10 points
  • Third start : start penalty is 20 points

Example Task A, NLH = 60 mtr
(For Launch bonus/penalty point explanation go to next link)

NLH - Nominal Launch Height table


First Flight                  :

Start height 41 meter: 38 points launch bonus

Start Penalty: 0 points
Time: 1 minutes and 5 seconds = 65 points

General penalty: no penalty

Subtotal first flight: 65 + 0 + 38 = 103 points [assume: target time reached]

Second flight              :

Start height 65 meter: 5 points launch penalty
Start Penalty: 10 points
Time: 3 minutes and 30 seconds = 210 points

General penalty: Landing out of Pilots Area = 10 points penalty

Subtotal second flight: 210 – 5 – 10 – 10 = 185 points [assume: target time reached]

Third flight                  :

Start height 58 meter: 0 points launch penalty

Start Penalty: 20 points
Time: 3 minutes and 45 seconds = 225 points
General penalty: Landing out of Pilots Area = 10 points penalty

Subtotal third flight: 225 – 20 – 10 = 195 points [assume: target time reached]

End result Task E:

Poker: 103 + 185 + 195 = 483 points. If the maximum points scored in this group is 560 points, after normalising the score for this competitor in this task is 483/560*100.0% = 86.3%.

Author: Brian van der Gouw