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My name is Brian van der Gouw and I live in Holland. I have been interested in flying from a young age and I have experienced various disciplines of aviation sport. The last 10 years I am mainly active with all facets of thermal soaring: F3J, F5J and in recent years mostly F3K.

Many of my friends fly F5J, but also like the dynamic tasks of F3K, but are unable to participate in this competition due to physical problems (injury). Launch height in the current F3K competition is very important. To be competitive, you must launch at least 60 meters plus. Some of the younger pilots launch the plane up to 80 meters or even more. That is why I decided to start a new competition that still revolves around Thermal Soaring, but where everyone can participate in this F3K Multiple Task Competition. I call it F5K Thermal Soaring

If you have any questions about this new competition, please contact me! If your company is interested in supporting us, you can of course always contact me: or with Facebook Messenger (see below)

Timeline F5K contest format: