F5K – Plane restrictions

Plane restrictions:

  • Max wingspan 1500 mm
  • Minimum plane weight 225 gram
  • Minimum wing load 12 gr/dm2 (surface area = wing area)
  • Maximum weight 600 gram
  • LIPO batteries with nominal voltage of 3.7 V only
  • Maximum voltage at full charge 3*4.2 = 12.6 V (3S)
  • Radius of the nose must be a minimum of 5 mm in all orientations.
  • Any number of control functions is permitted.
  • All ballast must be carried internally and fastened securely within the airframe.
  • Each competitor is allowed to use three model gliders in the contest. It is permissible to change parts between these three model gliders. The competitor may change his model gliders at any time as long as they conform to the specifications and are operated on the assigned frequency. The organizer has to mark the three model gliders and all interchangeable parts of each of the five model gliders. All spare model gliders must stay outside the start and landing field and only one model is permissible in the start and landing field to score a valid flight time. The previous model must be removed before a replacement model may be launched.
  • Only in order to ensure safe flying, receiver voltage and/or flightbattery voltage and/or remote control link qualilty measurements may be used to asses the condition of the plane.
  • Use during the flight of any other measurements on the plane is not allowed.
  • The use of any automatic flight control or stabilisation is not allowed.
  • Any material is permitted

Author: Brian van der Gouw