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F5K – Plane restrictions

Plane restrictions:

  • Definition of the model glider
  • Maximum wingspan 1500 mm
  • Minimum loading 12 g/dm2


FAI section B – General specifications for CAIM classes

Surface area:
The surface area includes the total surface of the wings and that of the horizontal or oblique stabilising surface or surfaces. The surfaces taken for calculation are the orthogonal projection on to a horizontal plane of the surfaces in question with each surface at zero incidences.
When wings or stabilising surfaces are built into the fuselage of the model aircraft the surface taken into account shall include that area contained within the normal contours of the flight surfaces extended so as to meet at the plane of symmetry of the model.

Loading :
When loading rules are applied the loading shall be defined as the weight in grams per square decimetre of surface area.


  • Maximum flying weight 600 gram
  • LIPO batteries with nominal cell voltage of 3.7 V only
  • Maximum voltage at full charge 3*4.2 = 12.6 V (3s)
  • Radius of the nose must be a minimum of 5 mm in all orientations.
  • Any number of control functions is permitted.
  • All ballast must be carried internally and fastened securely within the airframe.
  • Each model must be fitted with an approved AMRT in accordance with the Technical Specification published in F5K Altimeter/Motor Run Timer Technical Documentation.
  • Installation of the AMRT in a competitor’s model shall be in accordance with the requirements as detailed in the Technical Guidance Documentation.
  • Proper operation of the AMRT including any associated display and its compatibility with other control equipment installed in the model is the responsibility of the individual competitor.
  • Each competitor is allowed to use three model gliders during a round. It is permissible to change parts between these three model gliders. The competitor may change his model gliders at any time as long as they conform to the specifications. The organizer has to mark the model gliders and all interchangeable parts of each of the three model gliders before the start of the competition. All spare model gliders must stay outside the flying field and only one model is permissible on the flying field to score a valid flight time. The previous model must be removed from the flying field before a replacement model may be launched.
  • Only in order to ensure safe flying, receiver voltage and/or flight battery voltage and/or remote control link quality measurements may be used to asses the condition of the model glider.
  • Use during the flight of any other measurements on the model glider is not allowed.
  • The use of any automatic flight control or stabilisation is not allowed.
  • Any construction materials are permitted

Author: Brian van der Gouw