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F5K – Altis Nano


Ultra miniature Altimeter for everyone

  • No Compromise
    Get all what you expect from an altimeter in a ultra miniature form. Unlimited competition settings, live screen on integrated OLED display, telemetry, recording and more …


  • Live Screen
    Live screen allows you to read the data easily from the integrated OLED display all the time …


  • Beat your Friends
    Simply choose your competition from the list and show your friends who’s the best pilot …


  • Record and Analyze
    Integrated flash memory allows you to record your flights and later to analyze them comfortably using Altis Flight Manager …


  • Rich Telemetry Support
    Have the flight data always in view using telemetry of various brands, with fast reacting vario you didn’t miss your best performance …

    • Dimensions: 29 x 11.5 x 6.5mm, cable length approx. 6cm
    • Weight: 6g with JR cable
    • Power supply range: 4 – 12.6V
    • High contrast OLED display
    • Integrated USB
    • Upgradeable firmware
    • Altis Flight Manager software for Window
    • Support for all existing competition rules – FW2.x
    • Special competition firmwares:
      • F5J FAI (FAI certified firmware) – FW5.x
      • F5K FAI FW1.4
      • ALES – (100, 150, 200m preset, configurable via keypad or PWM in) – FW6.x
      • F5J Greek (local Greek F5J like competition) – FW7.x
      • RCEV – (like F5J FAI but with motor restart option) – FW8.x
    • Memory: 7.91MB (Several days)
    • Sample time: 0.1 – 25.5s (user selectable with step 0.1s)
    • Logging:
      • altitude
      • voltage
      • temperature
      • PWM In/Out
    • Rich telemetry support for all relevant RC systems
    • Available telemetry data:
      • High precision altimeter
      • Fast reacting vario with auto adaptive filter
      • Pressure
      • PWM In/Out value
      • F5J and F5K height
Altis sale 3

At the moment we are upgrading the F5K software to Firmware FW1.4

We expect it will be available November / beginning December 2019.

Those who already have an Altis Nano can upgrade their device for free. 

You can pre order the Altis with the FW1.4 using the form below.

Price Altis Nano : € 62,- per piece

Shipping and packaging cost EU without insurance: € 5,- 

Shipping and packaging cost EU with insurance: € 10,- 

Shipping and packaging cost Worldwide: € 15,-

Order and delivery process are done by our F5K partner Superfly

Pre Order form